Prop styling by Susanna Vento for Timberwise



One of our first projects has been cooperation with Susanna Vento, a Helsinki-based talented interior designer and stylist. Susanna has worked for over ten years in different interior and design magazines and since a couple of years she has concentrated mainly on interior & prop styling. She does editorial, commercial and event styling (large scale and private parties), window displays, trade stands, brand photos, product design and own projects.

Susanna reached out to us in December 2016 and she has been one of the reasons why Creastance was born. We realised how much assistance stylists and interior designers use in various tasks and there is an urgent need for more professionals, who are hard-working, reliable and also have the eye for aesthetics and understanding of visual culture.

Susanna was planning a large styling project for her client and asked us to help with props. She inspired us and as the feeling was mutual, we were delighted to accept the job offer. The first project was prop styling in a photoshoot for a Finnish parquet producer Timberwise. We selected organic linen products and handmade ceramics and pottery from our partner, the Polish Design Shop for Susanna’s photoshoot that she conducted with Pinja Forsman, AD Joanna Laajisto and photographer Mikko Ryhänen.


Each of the plates and cups you see on the picture above is made separately by hand and that is why all of them are different. Unique tableware pieces are all available for order in the Polish Design Shop.


We think that the beautiful rough stoneware bowls from the Polish Design Shop go perfectly with the elegant, smooth Timberwise parquet.


We love the toned minimalism and feeling of vintage nostalgy that Susanna has created in the photoshoot by using organic linen from the Polish Design Shop.


We really can’t wait for the next cooperation project with Susanna!

If you were inspired by what we did here, feel free to contact us to discuss what kind of Creative Assistance you could use in your own projects.

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