Art Curation for Isabella Chydenius

Our cooperation with Isabella Chydenius started last year when we were asked to curate an exhibition of her meaningful artwork. We truly loved working with her and will gladly do it anytime again.

Isabella Chydenius (b.1988) is a Finnish interdisciplinary artist working and living between Helsinki, Finland and Cape Town, South Africa.  Her work focuses on people and the relationship to oneself and each other. With her work she explores the relations to our physical and emotional environments, experimenting and challenging set ideas and norms.                  download.jpeg
Chydenius’ paintings are representations of the mindsets that she encounters within her everyday life. They are autobiographies while concurrently being biographies of situations and mindscapes around her. These abstract landscapes visualise and reflect on experiences in the world while being introspections of her life.

I know its nice.jpg
Isabella Chydeius: I Know It’s Nice
Isabella Chydenius: Tired
Isabella Chydenius: Object(ive) installation at Arts Letters and Numbers Gallery

With the installations she likes creating momentary escapes from the current reality, meditations of sorts, while focusing on important subjects, such as environmental, human- and equal rights. She focuses on public installations in urban landscapes and parks and strongly believes art is for everyone, not only an elitist group of people.

We will soon reveal you some photos of the exhibition we have recently created for Isabella in Punavuori, Helsinki. Stay tuned!

See more of Isabella’s art here.

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