Every Decent Fashion Brand Should Host an Art Exhibition in Their Showroom / Case: J. Lindeberg

For the exhibition in the showroom of our client J. Lindeberg we needed to find an artist who brings individuals and their thoughts to the core of the artwork. We wanted the art to match the Johan Lindeberg’s project “The Bridge Series” which features a range of individuals, who get the chance to express something meaningful and unique to them. 

To begin with a personal connection, the J. Lindeberg Bridge series starts off with longtime friend of Johan Lindeberg, the actor, designer and active philanthropist, Waris Ahluwalia. Born in India and raised in New York, Waris Ahluwalia is best known for acting in several Wes Anderson films, and for the jewelry brand he founded, House of Waris, which was him traveling often to places like Rome and Rajasthan, to work with local craftsmen. The portraits presents Ahluwalia with his own personal messages, and photos by Lindeberg.


“I’ve always believed that if you are going to spend money to create campaigns, you should also use it to say something meaningful. I’ve had this philosophy throughout my career. With ‘The Bridge Series’ I wanted to take it to a new dimension. I like to invite people that I admire and feel inspired by and ask them to express their words and thoughts about the world. And it felt natural to start with Waris, who is my best friend” Lindeberg says.

The idea behind “The Bridge Series” comes from the J.Lindeberg logo that resembles a bridge. “A bridge is a powerful symbol and a great responsibility. Especially today in this world of turmoil. We want our bridge to stand for modern and democratic values. ‘The Bridge Series’ is an important step for the brand in building a unified lifestyle.” Says J.Lindeberg owner and CEO Stefan Engström. The campaign will consist of six images and quotes total. The photographs were taken in Lindeberg’s own house on January 21, and Ahluwalia provided his own thoughts and messages

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Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 13.40.23.png
Visualisations by architect Hannes Tennberg

The beautiful showroom has been designed by architect Hannes Tennberg and a space for an art exhibition has been designed right next to the entrance to the industrial space. We were asked to curate the J. Lindeberg’s showroom art gallery, hence we started looking for an artist, whose work would match the idea of “The Bridge Series” campaign.

We selected Isabella Chydenius to showcase her paintings beside J.Lindeberg’s photography art, as Isabella’s style communicates well with J.Lindeberg’s brand values and “The Bridge Series” campaign. 

Isabella Chydenius: Midnight at Midday

Chydenius’ paintings are representations of the mindsets that she encounters within her everyday life. They are autobiographies while concurrently being biographies of situations and mindscapes around her. These abstract landscapes visualise and reflect on experiences in the world while being introspections of her life.


Isabella Chydenius: Blue Diver

For the exhibition we chose a set of collages that represent strong internal conflicts, self-search and issues of personal identity, as well as an amazing piece of Isabella’s work “Midnight at mid day” (Mixed media and collage on canvas, 90x120cm). We decided to go with the theme of self-identification following the campaign of J. Lindeberg.

You can read more about “The Bridge Series” here. Check out more of Isabella’s art on her website.

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